explore inhabitants’ perceptions of wildfire and mitigation behaviours in the cerrado biome, a fire-prone area of brazil.pdf

Fire represents an important natural feature of Brazilian landscape, especially in the Cerrado biome. The Cerrado isthe economic livelihood of thousands of people from rural areas in Brazil. It is one of the most important hotspots of biodiversity inthe world but also it is a fire-prone area thanks to the high flammability index of the vegetation. Residents and native people of this environment use fire very frequently. The majority of wildfires are caused by humans, though there are some aggravating natural factors affecting the risk, intensity and severity of wildfires. Since residents are continuously involved in fire suppression activities, understanding their perceptions is important for the decision makers who must assess the local capacity to preserve natural resources. This study explores perceptions about wildfire risk and fire mitigation behaviours within three municipalities of the state of Tocantins (Brazil).

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