.Network analysis to support environmental resources management acase study in the Cerrado, Brazilpdf

The study examines citizens’ opinions about one crucial factor: the fire that affects the Brazilian savannah“Cerrado”. The paper aims at introducing a new tool that facilitates the assessment of people’s behaviourin order to support practitioners and decision makers to develop management strategies that fosteringthe environmental conservation, economic growth and human wellbeing.The study applies the network analysis in order to analyse the citizens’ opinions about causes of fireignition and suppression activities for firefighting evoked by local inhabitants during the face-to-faceinterviews.The main finding carried out in this work is the usefulness of a cognitive map for synthesising a varietyof people’s beliefs. Furthermore, the study reveals the general lack of awareness among people concerningfire use and management and the careless use of fire in rural activities. The chi-square test reveals thatnatural and physical dimensions affect society’s beliefs with statistical significance p < 0.001.

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