Supporting policy decision makers in the establishment of forestplantations, using swot analysis and ahps analysis a case study inTocantins (Brazil).pdf

Following the increased extension of forest plantations in Brazil, new challenges for landowners, for-est technicians and policy and decision makers have emerged in order to ensure the provision of theecosystem goods and services. Nevertheless, fire represents one of the most important limited factorsof forest plantation growth and production in Brazil, especially in the Cerrado biome. This work focuseson the evaluation of the priority of the variables that landowners take into account during forest planta-tion establishment. The combined use of SWOT analysis and Analytic Hierarchical Process facilitates thepriority ranking, allowing the assessment of the variables regarding fire-related aspects. The study high-lights that landowners recognize fire as a hindering factor for forest plantation production adopting somepreventative actions, even though these are poorly organized and rather made by default. Improving theawareness of landowners, promoting the local market of forest productions, and reducing costs f

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