Aspectos qualitativos e quantitativos da arborização das praças públicas de Gurupi, TO, Brasil.pdf

The characterization of urban arborization conditions contributes for the qualitative and quantitative knowledge of the forest asset of a city, providing theoretical allowance for its management. This study aimed to characterize the total height and height of the first fork of all individuals, as well as the physical conditions of trunk and crown of the arborization of public squares in the city of Gurupi, TO. For this, total height and height of first fork of all individuals were measured; furthermore, the integrity of tree trunks was evaluated, attributing to them a specific concept, according to their conditions (Good, Fair and Poor) and to the occurrence of crown pruning (Drastic, of Conduction and Nonexistent). It was verified that the seedlings used for the arborization of public squares of Gurupi have gone to field with heights (regarding total height or height of first fork) below the minimum recommended by the specialized literature. The squares Tadeu, Waldir Lins and Pedro Dias had arborization with

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